21st January 2021

The Student Letting Process Explained: A Parent’s Guide

As a student specialist letting agency, we are well experienced at not only supporting students in their journey to securing their dream student property, but we are also there to be on hand for parents and guardians who are going through this experience for the first time, too.


This time can be very difficult for parents and guardians; not only because they want to ensure the best for their kids in terms of a safe and secure home for the year, but also to make sure that they’ll be in good hands should anything happen whilst they are away from home.


Of course, being in the midst of COVID-19 has made this so much more difficult.


Here Lisa McColm, Student Accommodation Manager tackles parents’ queries, not only with helping and supporting their children in securing their new student home, but also how to navigate the process in the safest way possible.


We know that our son/daughter is keen to start viewing properties, but we are a bit more cautious and want to know that ample safety precautions are in place during COVID-19, is this the case?

You can be assured that FHP Student Living takes all its guidance from the Government very seriously and our physical viewings are only carried out with the utmost health and safety precautions, ensuring all COVID-19 protocols are carried out. This includes only one applicant being able to view on behalf of their friends (we allow them to video the house for reference).

We also ask that all students wear their face covering and bring sanitiser to use before they enter the property. We ensure that all doors and windows are open during the viewings to ventilate the property, and ask tenants to be in another room at the time of the viewing.


Despite the safety precautions, we don’t want our son/daughter to carry out a physical viewing, how are you working around this?

Don’t worry, we are also able to accommodate video walk-throughs and virtual tours of all of our properties upon request. You are still able to apply for a property without a physical viewing. We have a team on hand to tackle any concerns and understand the anxieties people may have during this difficult time.


How does my son/daughter actually reserve a property and how this will later affect application payment?

It’s all really straight forward. Once FHP Student Living has received an offer letter from them, we upload their details to our referencing company, Goodlord, who will then email information on how to pay the holding fee and supply references (as well as guarantor details) – they will then be emailed for confirmation.

Assuming all this is done correctly, they won’t need to visit Goodlord until signing the agreement (guarantors will also need to visit to sign the agreement).

What will the guarantor need to supply to Goodlord?

A guarantor is required to supply:

  • Photo ID / Proof of Address
  • Credit check material
  • Employment status and annual salary (if self employed the salary shall have to be verified by a self-assessment tax return, or an accountant letter, sent from a business domain).


Are there any deadlines for submitting details?

When the holding fee is paid, the property is reserved for 14 days (in accordance with the 14 day TFA 2019 application process). This is more than adequate time to get through the process. Please be mindful that they may risk losing the property if the 14 day period is exceeded, so make sure everything is ready and submitted correctly so they don’t miss out on their perfect student home.

For the time frame to be extended, it needs to be with good reason and also agreed by all parties.


We are still a bit nervous, how are you supporting students and parents?

We totally understand everyone’s concerns at the moment and are doing everything we can to ensure that not only is this a smooth and stress-free process for your children, but also that they have friendly support along the way.

Our team is on hand to help if you have any questions during any point in the process. We want this to be an enjoyable and reassuring experience for all of you.