9th February 2021

Meet the Team: Greg Fieldhouse

Having first cut his teeth working with various companies on their commercial property offering and then with FHP Living as a property consultant for over two years (whilst also achieving a first-class degree in real estate), Greg Fieldhouse now takes on the challenge as the Student Accommodation Manager here at FHP Student Living.

No stranger to the challenges that students face, Greg’s strength is in his ability to anticipate what students want from their accommodation. He’s always in touch with students, building an excellent rapport with them and their families.

We’ve quizzed Greg on what his role entails, what he loves about the job, the challenges he faces and advice for students:


On his role at FHP Student Living:

Making clients happy is the best part of the job for me, I love helping students find their perfect home for the next academic year.

Even though I studied real estate at university, nothing could have prepared me for the vast change in landscape over the last year – who could’ve predicted COVID-19?! I also oversee developments, helping them to run smoothly from proposal to completion, then right through to getting the first students through the door!

There is so much more to the role than you might think. As well as working closely with students, I also work with investors and landlords to get the best accommodation in the city for FHP Student Living tenants. Because I’m in regular contact with both landlords and students, I can provide a well-rounded service to all parties. The best part about this is that things are constantly changing, so there’s always lots to learn.


On any advice he has for students:

Throw yourself into all aspects of university life as and when you can. Your time at university flies by, so make sure you do your best to enjoy it! Students from this era will be spoken about in years to come and how they were the first to adapt to the new way of ‘university life’ and learning within it.

I would also encourage students to utilise support bubbles and friends you have around you, sometimes a good chat can go a long way! In terms of your studies, bouncing ideas off each other can be the quickest way to learn. Two brains are better than one and a problem shared is a problem halved.


On his biggest challenge so far:

I completed my degree in the first lockdown in 2020, so was tasked with writing a dissertation from home, which was incredibly difficult and probably my biggest challenge so far. This being said, I was able to graduate with first-class honours, so this has really spurred me on the be disciplined when working from home.

I know that students who are studying via online lectures will be feeling the strain, so please don’t be a stranger, I’m happy to share some tips for working at home and how to avoid distractions.