18th February 2021

Important considerations when choosing accommodation

Searching for your ideal student house is a very exciting experience, we like to think it’s practice for when you leave uni and get your first ‘grown up’ place to call home.


With the world a bit upside down at the moment, working out what you need to consider can seem like a minefield. To make things easier, we’ve got a quick guide for you to follow to make sure that you are making the right decision and get the perfect pad in time for the new term:



This might seem like an obvious one, but knowing how much of your money will be spent on accommodation will filter out your options for you. If you’re moving from halls, remember to take into account household bills, as well as the usual food shopping and regular payments like keeping your car running if you’ve brought it to uni with you – some areas of Nottingham will require a parking permit, so take that into account too!

Being able to plan how much you can afford to spend each month by putting together a budget is a great place to start, check out this budgeting guide from Save the Student for extra tips! Most of us are prone to a spot of procrastination when we just can’t get our head around our essays, so use your time wisely and build a spreadsheet to work out your finances.



Again, another obvious one but hear us out! Students tend to gravitate to accommodation  either near their place of study or near the best bars and restaurants – and we don’t blame you. However there are other things to consider when picking which area of Nottingham you want to live in… Are you near a handy local shop or supermarket? Uber bills will start to mount up if you can’t carry your shopping back home! If you need to get the bus, are you near a bus stop that offers a regular service? And when you just want to chill out, especially in the warmer months, it might be worth checking out what green spaces are nearby.

Luckily Nottingham is very easy to get around and has excellent transport links – but all these points should be considered when thinking about where to pitch up for the year!



Although it can be tempting, try not to fill rooms in a house you’ve fallen in love with, just for the sake of it. In halls there isn’t much choice on who we get to live with, which can make it difficult from time to time, so take advantage of the freedom to choose somewhere with the right people this time around! If you’re currently in your first year, try to choose housemates who you have got to know really well. We understand that this might be difficult having not attended many real-life seminars or student events in in your first year, but if you can trust them, then it is a great start when choosing housemates.

It’s great if they have similar interests and also if you have experience of living with them before but you also need to ensure that they can pay the bills, or it will be the other tenants who need to pick up the slack.

Here are some more tips on choosing your housemates.



Now that you have your budget, found your location and agreed on housemates, it’s a good idea to discuss with them the space options of your new home. Do you want a large living room where you can relax after lectures or perhaps some outside space for those BBQs in the summer? You’ll also need to think of a fair way to decide on who gets what bedroom too – we advise giving the night-owl of the group the room closest to the front door!

If you’ve chosen to live solo, then think about what will make you comfortable for your downtime between studies. Would a self contained studio be your preferred choice, or would you like to meet your neighbours in a communal area?

Consider how much time you will be spending at home and if you’ll need to bring any practical study home too that might take up some space, art and design students need to make sure they have plenty of desk space for final projects. If you are in a sports team or work out at home (as many of us have been doing for the last year), is there enough space for your gym gear and sports kit?

All of these considerations will make the difference and really help you to enjoy your next academic year. You might need to make some compromises, but if you have any questions about picking your accommodation, please give one of our friendly team members a call.