West Bridgford Lettings: Six Month Review

12th March, 2018, by

March 2018 signals six months since FHP Living launched their lettings division in West Bridgford.

With a plethora of established agents already operating in the area, competing for business is no walk along Central Avenue. That said, Property Consultant Rory Stone has been leading the charge and reflects on the first six months.

Rory, how would you say the West Bridgford marketplace has responded to the new FHP Living Lettings department?

“I have been thrilled with the response and reaction that we have had. FHP Living are one of the market leaders in the city centre, The Park and Mapperley Park so to diversify into the hugely popular West Bridgford market is exciting.

When speaking to Landlord and Tenants alike they are really pleased that we have rolled out our services to the area because of our strong reputation in providing a high level of service and offering good quality properties to the market.”

There has been a Sales department in West Bridgford for 7-years now, has this assisted in your endeavours?

“Absolutely! The sales team here have built a really strong foundation to work from. As joint-ventures go we’ve been able to work with the likes of Ian Marriott, Steve Parker and Jules Hunt on new build sites such as WB Lofts on Millicent Road and The Gallery on Radcliffe Road.

How would you describe FHP Living’s ethos in regards to selling and letting property?

“Maybe traditionally we were seen as a “higher end” agent but the truth is that FHP Living are incredibly proud of their roots.

We’re a Nottingham born and Nottingham bred firm and we want to work for the people of Nottingham.

It really doesn’t matter if clients have an apartment to let, a distinctive home, an entire block or a portfolio of properties – we’re interest in working with them regardless. Our mantra in the West Bridgford office is “We Sell, We Let, We are Bridgford” which is a little corny but encapsulates what we are trying to achieve here as a team.”

In regards to expansion, what plans do you have for the Lettings department?

“We’re very conscious that in order to grow as a business we have to continue to deliver a very high standard of service. It is important for us to put the client first and really understand what they need from us.

Whether it is an Introduction Only service or a Fully Managed service, whether the client has one, two, three or even a portfolio of properties then it is important to us that they all enjoy the same experience.

That is the only way to organically grow. I am a huge believer that reviews and recommendations are more important than clever marketing.”

What would you say makes FHP Living different to other agencies?

“What sets us apart is our versatility. FHP Living offer a ‘point of contact’ service which clients really appreciate and enjoy. In essence the ‘point of contact’ service means that only one single member of staff is responsible for the property.

“We’ve broken away from the department structure – there is no ‘letting department’ or ‘property management department’. No passing clients from pillar to post. With us it is very simple. If I am invited to appraise a property and ultimately get instructed then I am responsible for the property in its entirety – viewings, negotiating, referencing, inventory creation, ordering maintenance. The lot.”

“What this does is allow Landlords to benefit from one single point of contact. If they require any updates or have any queries then they need only contact one person. It also allows me as a Property Consultant to gain a fantastic 360 degree understanding of the property itself which benefits everyone.” 

Are you looking to rent your property out? Please don’t hesitate to contact Rory Stone at rory@fhpliving.co.uk for your free market appraisal.