The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Live in The Park, Nottingham

13th November, 2015, by Jason Cook ANAEA

Previously being labelled by the Guardian as ‘the Beverley Hills of Nottingham’, The Park Estate has been recognised as one of the most desirable locations to live in the city – a place with former residence from the likes of Sir Jesse Boot, Paul Smith and Hugh Grant.

This is why I’d like to give you a personal insight into the top 10 reasons why I find it such a great place to live, and why you could love living here too.

1. Close proximity to the city
The convenience of being a stones throw away from the city and being able to have a morning commute of mere minutes to the office is bliss and is something that attracts most new buyers.

2. Feels like a Country Estate with amenities on hand
It is a rarity for a private Estate to be positioned so closely to the city centre and, in my opinion, it is invaluable to have my favourite restaurants and shops on my doorstep whilst the leafy parks and tree lined roads give a real illusion of a secluded country location.

3. Romantic Evening Strolls
One of my favourite things to do is take an evening stroll around The Park, with The Estate boasting one of largest gas street lighting systems in Europe and offering glowing views of The Castle. There is something especially atmospheric about this place by moonlight.

4. The Community
It is great to be part of a thriving community full of warm and friendly people, most of which are established professionals. There is a distinct similarity to that of village life and you are always welcomed with a warm smile from a neighbour as you leave the house.

5. Private Roads, Crescents and Circus’s
Congestion, traffic and rush hour are terms that you’d be pushed to find used in association with The Park. All roads are private and parking is for residents only, so the morning drive comes as a breath of fresh air, especially when you’re used to congested counterpart locations on the outskirts of a city.

6. The Squash and Tennis Clubs
The Tennis and Squash courts have been played on by some famous sportsmen and the clubs not only are brilliant places to play, but host some great social events.

7. The Architecture
It is truly inspiring to live amongst so many properties which provide such local history, many of which have been built by notable architects PF Robinson and Watson Fothergill whom have had great impressions on the skylines of Nottingham. With historical architecture comes character, and that is something that The Park has in plentiful measures.

8. Gated Community
The gated entrances not only ensure The Estate remains subtle and quiet; it also instils a great sense of security for homes, cars and family members alike.

9. Peace and tranquillity
There are no shops or businesses within The Park estate which results in residents having a continuously quiet haven. It keeps the hum of the City confined to beyond its borders, thus further encouraging occupants to lead an idyllic, relaxed lifestyle away from work.

10. The Farmers markets and local events
The Residents’ association and members of the community regularly hold some great local events such as ‘The Park Open Garden Trails’ in the spring, the upcoming Farmers market and the Christmas Carols, which will this year be held on December 13th.

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