Sales in Nottingham's Park Estate Booming

30th July, 2015, by Jason Cook ANAEA

HOUSE sales in Nottingham’s prestigious Park Estate have hit a high in recent months says a local property expert.

Jason Cook, associate director at FHP Living, has been the top sales agent in the area for some 20 years but even he has been pleasantly surprised by the upturn in sales since the start of May.

FHP Living has agreed sales on 30 properties within the former deer park and its borders in the last three months – something Jason believes is thanks to the rising popularity of the exclusive city centre spot.

He said: “There is a real upward pressure on house prices at the moment and consumer confidence remains strong. The Park Estate has always been a popular area with buyers, but to agree so many sales in such a short time is unusual.

“The other aspirational areas of the city, such as West Bridgford and its surrounds, have seen a huge increase in property prices in the last three years, but the same isn’t true of The Park Estate.

“Some streets in central Bridgford have seen increases of 30% or so, whereas The Park has remained fairly steady. Over the same time frame we have probably seen around a seven per cent increase, which is now helping to stimulate the market in The Park as it is seen as somewhat more affordable.

“Even with the holiday season having begun, the number of viewings we are getting remains strong as more and more people are looking towards The Park as an option, where previously they may not have done so.”

FHP Living has agreed sales on a range of properties since the beginning of May, with sold prices varying between £150,000 and £745,000.

“We have really noticed an upsurge in the residential market in Nottingham in recent weeks, and the levels of sales we are achieving at the moment is certainly more than we would expect to be doing at this time of year,” added Jason.

FHP Living completes on more sales year on year in The Park Estate than any other firm and regularly works on selling properties more than once with satisfied clients returning time and time again.