Pets in Properties – A Paws for Thought for Tenants and Landlords

21st November, 2016, by
Large pets such as cats, dogs and even smaller pets such as rabbits, gerbils or fish can prove extremely difficult for Lettings Agents to help home along with their client’s owners. Tenants should consider very carefully on the impact of a pet if you are currently renting or are planning to rent in the future. Always remember to consult your landlord/lettings agent if you are considering purchasing a pet.
If you do have a pet and are looking to rent, the first step is not to worry! Whilst there are some pitfalls, the process of finding a property is difficult but by no means impossible, particularly in Nottingham where there are a huge variety of rental properties to choose from.
• The first step is to put your pets first. Select properties that have large outdoor spaces, floors that are easy to keep clean and large living spaces to give your pet the greatest amount of space to roam. The smaller the property, the more wear and tear and the more difficult it typically is to prevent any build-up of odours.
• The second step is to be as flexible as possible in terms of location. Whilst this may mean you need to look outside the city centre, Nottingham has an abundant level of reliable public transport and multiple commuting routes, therefore commuting distances are manageable no matter where you are. The broader your search, the more likely you will find a pet friendly property.
• Third, always remember to ask the agent about pets when you book any viewings in. This can save you a wasted trip to any properties that may be unsuitable.
• Finally, look away from apartment blocks and look instead for houses. The vast majority of buildings will have their own regulations on pets which landlords will have no control over. Communal areas will not be pet friendly and very rarely will there be any dedicated outside space.
For landlords, marketing a suitable property as available for pets will greatly increase the popularity of your property through advertising and are much easier to rent out.  Hard wearing, easy to clean floors are a good long term investment. If you are still uneasy, tenants can be asked at the end of the tenancy to arrange and provide a receipt for a de-infestation clean which is a professional cleaning service specifically for tenants with pets. This service is both affordable for the tenant and can be the fairest way of ensuring your property is taken care of.
If you are currently looking for a rental property and you need some advice, our team of Lettings consultants will be happy to help you. Please call us on 01158 411155, option 2 for lettings.