Going Home for Christmas

9th December, 2015, by Carol O’Grady MARLA

Information for tenants who ‘go home’ for Christmas

It is important for tenants to remember that whilst they may be away for the festive period the property they are renting is still their responsibility. In most cases the following advice should ensure that properties are safe during a short vacant period:

• Make sure that all doors and windows are firmly locked and security alarms properly set.
• Leave the heating on a low setting using the thermostat (recommended 10 degrees minimum). Burst pipes are a serious issue when the temperature drops!

If you plan to leave a property vacant for a substantial period please let your agent know so additional measures can be taken. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact the Property Management team on: 0115 8411 155.

Have a great Christmas from all at FHP Living!