FHP Living highlight five benefits of accompanied viewings when selling your home

2nd October, 2015, by Jules Hunt

LEADING Nottingham estate agents FHP Living have outlined five key benefits of being accompanied by one of their expert team when selling your home.

FHP Living’s team of eight passionate and highly experienced estate agents advise on the sales of a range of properties from city centre apartments, to distinctive homes in the countryside, to renovated terraces in the Park estate.
Property consultant in the team Jules Hunt said it is vital to take advice from a property professional when selling your current property – and outlined five key benefits of an accompanied viewing.

She said: “At FHP Living, we are all professional sales people who know exactly what to look for and what to ask our clients when they decide to put their home on the market or embark on the search for a new property.
“House searching and selling is all about building up a rapport with your client and understanding exactly what they are looking for – so we can then offer perfect advice. This is the first key benefit of an accompanied viewing.

“The second benefit is that we know the local market inside out and are constantly updating our data and research methods in order to offer our clients up to date advice in relation to average property values, asking prices and potential for investment.
“Next, we find that buyers are more honest about their aspirations and needs with an estate agent present. When viewing a property without an agent, it is less likely that you will ask the right questions and be direct with the current owner and vice versa for the seller. At FHP Living we see that as a key part of our role.

“The fourth benefit of selling your house with one of our team present at viewings is that we see properties differently, without rose tinted glasses or misguided preconceptions. As an estate agent, I often pick up on certain features, benefits and quirks in properties which clients may never have considered.

“Finally, we always ask the right questions. We sit down with the property owner at the start of the process and ask them what they think about their property and advise them to understand a little more about the average purchaser’s requirements.”

Jules added: “Working with the FHP Living team when selling your property means that you are guaranteed to sell it more quickly – and to the right buyer – than if you tried to sell it on your own. The same is true for buying. We are best placed to offer the right advice to each different and individual client and we pride ourselves on how we match properties perfectly to people.”