What Fees Are Associated With Renting?

15th August, 2016, by Carol O’Grady MARLA

When you move in to a rented property, there is great variation between different agencies on what upfront costs you will have to pay. So to make it easier, here’s a guide to renting with FHP Living; there are only three upfront costs, and more importantly, no hidden charges.

We put your deposit in a protected scheme within 30 days of you moving in, so you know your money is safe and any disputes at the end of your tenancy will be resolved fairly; the deposit amounts to 1 ½ month’s rent. You will also be emailed a copy of the ‘Tenancy Deposit Certificate’ and given the prescribed information.

Application fees
We charge £140 per x1 tenant; £220 per x2 tenants; £300 per x3 tenants. This is to cover:

  • Comprehensive Referencing checks. This could be from your previous landlord or your employer, to ensure you have a steady income. We will also check whether you have a CCJ (County Court Judgement) or a criminal record.
  • Drawing up contracts
  • Professional clean
  • Registering your deposit

Unlike other agents, we charge significantly lower for students, at just £75 each.

Guarantor fees
We need someone to act as a ‘guarantor’ to guarantee that your rent will be paid, if for any reason you are unable to; the charge for this is £50 per guarantor. Guarantors are responsible for all of the rent, not just the applicant they are guaranteeing. All our tenancies are “joint and severally” liable.

For more information, please contact our lettings department on 0115 841 1155, opt 2, or email info@fhpliving.co.uk