What Effect Has Brexit Had On The Local Housing Market?

17th August, 2016, by

Whilst many people in the property industry and across the UK were left shocked with a result counter to the expectation that Britain would remain in the EU, two months on the effects felt at leading Estate Agency in Nottingham, FHP Living, suggest activity isn’t slowing.  

Ian Marriott, Associate Director at FHP Living, shares his insight:

“Since the result, we have experienced some fantastic activity levels that have resulted in a very healthy amount of sales and only two weeks in to what is traditionally a quieter month, we are experiencing a record August.

Even if 30% of the buying public are sitting on the fence to see what happens, the remaining 70% are pressing on and committing to the market.

As ever the market and prices are controlled by the supply and demand of available housing stock, and there is currently a shortage of the former, which means that many properties are selling for their asking price or above. Therefore, if you are thinking of a move, it’s best to test the market and instruct an agent in readiness for the buoyant Autumn market.”

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