22nd May 2019

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Balcony

For city residents, the idea of lounging out under the summer sun in your own private garden may seem like a pipe dream. While most apartments make do with large windows to bring light into the home, some of us are lucky enough to have our own balconies. No matter its size, with careful planning and smart furniture, you can transform it into your own personal paradise – just follow these quick tips.

Sort the basics

When you have a balcony, the first thing you think of is a table and chair – this makes up the core of your balcony with the rest of the decoration and furniture formed around it. First, you need to think about size. If you’re limited on space it is important to find furniture that can be packed up when not in use. For those with a bit of extra room, you can start splashing out for the more lavish items, looking at sun loungers, or even a hammock – you’ll feel like you’re at the beach in no time.

John Lewis – £79.00

A simple bistro set like this fits perfectly with any theme, providing a minimalistic touch, while not restricting space with its practical lightweight and flexible build.

Wayfair – £25.99

This is one for the literature lovers among us. With a bit more space, you can string up this gorgeous hanging canvas chair to create the perfect ‘cabin retreat’ styled reading area under the stars.

Jysk – £275.00

For those who want to put their feet up, this woven hardwood armchair and footstool give you the perfect opportunity to sit back and soak up the summer sun (fingers crossed).

Make it green

Plants are the surefire way to turn any balcony, big or small, into a luxury insta-worthy greenhouse. Obviously, drainage won’t be as good as it is for gardens, so you will have to take potting and placement into consideration, as well as the safety of those who pass beneath.

Irrigatia – £49.95

When floor space is limited, go vertical. This hanging picture garden turns basic brick walls into green murals. Combine with a range of herbs for a practical kitchen garden, or go multicoloured with tulips and vigorous perennials to fit the theme of your furniture – a great backdrop to any picture before you head off on a night out!

Waitrose – £24.99

Larger plants deserve to make statements and shouldn’t be planted in simple terracotta pots. This beautifully textured planter adds a touch of history to your balcony, turning back time to Ancient Greece and supporting a warming Japanese Maple or Hosta El Nino.

Made in Design – £31.68

Once you’ve taken up the wall and floor space, all that’s left is the railings, so grab this hanging crate and start growing your own green grocer with tomatoes, strawberries, runner beans or spring onions.

Add the finishing touches

Bring the whole space together by injecting some personality onto the balcony. Start with some lighting, like a rustic lantern sat between the plants, add comfort with scattered, waterproof cushions then finish with quirky trinkets to fill in any gaps.

Modern rugs – £29.99

If you’re stuck for ideas on themes, start with a good base and layer the floor with one of these reversible monochrome (and water resistant) outdoor rugs. Layer your seating area with matching cushions and throw blankets, then add macramé pot hangers for that bohemian oasis.

Lighting Direct – £33.31

For a balcony with character, look no further than this incredible flamingo light. With changing vibrant colours, you can create your very own hipster beer garden for summer weekend celebrations.

IKEA – £160.00

Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a larger terrace, a barbecue is the essential accessory, enabling you to host afternoon cookouts for your family and friends – just ask them to bring the food!

We’d love to see how you’ve made the most out of your balcony. Share your photos with us and follow our social channels for more home inspiration.