14th May 2019

How To Accessorise A Furnished Apartment

So, you’ve moved in to your new furnished apartment. You have all the basics, but it isn’t quite screaming ‘home’ yet. Well, we’re here to help, just a few simple additions can change your home, from vases to lamps and rugs, here are some tips on how to personalise your home with varying budgets.


Flowers in the window?

Come rain or shine, flowers can brighten up any room. Whether artificial ones are your thing or buying a fresh bunch really makes your day, buying an attractive vase for them to live in can give your room a real face lift. Two-toned vases are really on trend, both stylish and elegant with a pop of colour, they are diverse and can work with other palettes.




We love the mustard colour on this ochre bulbous vase, evoking Eastern themes and warm tones it’s a perfect centrepiece for any surface.




This intensely hued blue and white ceramic vase has a depth of colour that will add a striking tone to your room.


John Lewis


These unique hand blown vases from Nude are left clear on the bottom section to reveal its contents whilst featuring a delicate pastel pink on the top. Each vase is uniquely made and its light, natural tones are the perfect match for any colour scheme – definitely worth the work that has gone into making this statement piece.


Creating an ambience with different lights 

Mood lighting is key to making any space warmer and cosier. Having a collection of different light sources in the room can create a more homely glow, making the space more comfortable. Abstract tripod lamps are really having their ‘time to shine’ right now, adding some contemporary flair to your home.





Light up your home in style with this contemporary rose gold tripod lamp. Rose gold is massively on trend at the moment and can bring a touch of chic to your space.


John Lewis



Fancy a touch of Scandinavia (that doesn’t require a trip to Ikea) in your home? This Scandi style lamp is perfect for creating a modern look. The contrasting black, textured cotton shade and copper crossed triangular legs are a bold statement in any room.




A touch of Copper brings an elegance and warmth to any room, especially when paired with wood or marble surfaces. This Custer Poulet Tripod Table Lamp, offers warmth and style, remaining on trend with its structured design.


Avoid cold floors in the morning

Want to invest in an item that’ll definitely makeover your room? Investing in a rug can bring warmth and colour to your space, and are the perfect accessory for hardwood or carpeted flooring. Moroccan and Persian rugs are ornate and well crafted, offering long lasting quality.




Inspired by Morocco, this sunny flat weave rug is perfect for a modern, traditional or eclectic room. Its abstract design creates a rhythmic graphic appeal along with its vibrant use of red, turquoise, yellow and grey – it creates an impact in any room.




With its own unique Persian pattern, this Ikea rug is simple yet vibrant. Its long-fibre wool material is extra durable, perfect for withstanding the footsteps of friends and family. It’s softer tones of navy, burnt orange and cream can match any colour scheme, adding texture and an immediate new look to your space.




This handmade 100% virgin wool rug is the perfect accessory for both living rooms and bedrooms. It’s irresistible thick texture and colourful tassels will add a bohemian flair to your home.


We’d love to see how you’ve accessorised your home! Why not share your photos with us and follow our social channels for more home inspiration!